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Recent landscapes

May 22, 2018




Recently I’ve added new marks to my drawing/painting practice, really though reflection of what I was seeing while walking and what had been developing in the drawn landscapes. Looking at the drawings and looking at recent photographs, especially ones taken on recent trips to Donegal, I noticed the connection between swathes of grass, fence lines and fallen structures, paths and boundaries and areas of demarcation. These elements form interactions between human activity and the landscape, traces of the past presence of people.


So developing the work further I’m looking to emphasise these lines and add in more fluid shapes trying to capture the feel of some of these places and photographs. The intent then is to draw these structures into the objects and sculptural installations I’m working on in the making side of my artistic practice. Hopefully more physical forms will start appearing soon as I have a number of exhibitions coming up in the summer and beyond. More on those later..

Landscape drawings are available to buy here…

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