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Upcoming show, artist talk and general excitement.

July 26, 2014

Lots of plans and upcoming events at the moment- I will be showing a series of works and objects as part of Material Subversion at the Naughton Gallery at Queens University, Belfast which runs alongside Crafts Council’s traveling show, Hidden Agenda. The exhibition opens next weekend and continues on until the 14th of September. In support of this I will be giving an artist talk at lunchtime on the 30th of August, alongside my Mak9 colleague Gail Mahon- should be lots of fun and hopefully pretty interesting. I’ll be putting up a sneak peak of the series tomorrow- watch this space!
As well as that Mak9 will be getting out of the workshop and into the environment at Craftfest in Castleward over the weekend of the 15,16 and 17th of August. Myself, Gail Mahon and Heather Wilson along with Alice Clarke, Paula Bernardelli and Aidan Deery will be exploring working in the environment, exploring ways of making, documenting and recording in order to capture a sense of a place. Craftfest is a great event- lots of makers to meet, demonstrations to see, stalls to visit and set in the fantastic Castleward estate which is stunning. Come up for a visit, hunt us down, see what we are up to and have a chat.
All of which got me thinking about my work, which got me thinking of my solo show next year, which got me really excited about my plans.. a lot needs confirmed but I have some ambitious ideas in terms of scope and scale. So excited I can’t wait to get into full flow with it. For now I’ll leave this little photo as a teaser until more of it gets confirmed, then i’ll outline my plans a bit further. I have a few photo essays to upload as well and some new drawings on the go so the blog should get busy again soon.


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