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beach observations 26/5/14 and upcoming plans

June 1, 2014

Some images from a recent walk on the beach. The photography side of my practice is primarily concerned with my visual exploration of different landscapes, basically reflecting my interests as I try and gather a sense of a place. I don’t see myself as a photographer – the drive to take these images is from my making and a love of place, photography is part of  my practice and supportive of it but it is not the focus.

These experiences within the  landscape are what inspires the physical pieces I make and my aim over the coming year is to integrate these experiences of walking, documenting, gathering and making into a holistic practice. These elements will combine into an exhibition and hopefully a book, while still making sense as individual pieces/works. Really mirroring this blog -jumping from photographs to drawings, to collected objects and finished pieces- but gathered and presented as a considered overall composition. I am able to take the time to do this through the very generous Rosemary James Award which is allowing me to buy time to research and develop my practice over the coming year. I have already used some of the Award to buy a new camera- hopefully the improvement in image quality is evident as I have switched from my iPhone to my new Fuji x100s – a small fixed lens camera I’m still getting used to but capable of startling results.tides out 26:5:14 barnacles seaweed- edges/ surfaces rusted hook

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  1. June 2, 2014 7:16 am

    Good for you with the grant – great pics too 🙂

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