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Camera experiments

May 15, 2014

As part of my application for the Rosy James memorial award I asked to get a new camera, I wanted to push the documentary side of my practice further on. Most photos I have posted have just been through my iPhone 4 using an app, or my Nikon d40 when photographing drawings or pieces of my work. The D40 I found unwieldy to take on walks and the iPhone obviously has limits in terms of image size, focusing etc. so I went for a Fuji x10os – it is a fixed lens camera, very compact but capable of taking large files. I’ve had it a few days and I’m starting to get a handle on how to use it- I see a lot of potential in this- I love how portable it is and the quality of the image is amazing. Here are a few of my initial successes – still early days and I feel I need to develop a style on it but I’m encouraged so far with these few little trials and testers.

helensbay long lichen H'bay red find 7-5-14 seaweed red Evening light h'bay

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