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Ask the Dust- photo set

October 15, 2013

Ask the dust is a series of pieces using the dust specific to a space- the basement of the Deans residence in Derry. The works are temporary and ephemeral, needing to be be remade as the exhibition progresses and uses plaster dust from the decaying walls, ash from one of the fireplaces and coal dust form the coal cellar. From the exhibition catalogue-

Ask the Dust is a series of pieces about the memory of a place, referencing the lives once lived there. The objects suggest the shapes of domestic forms, of utensils and vessels set to one side in the daily rush of life. The pieces are made from the dust specific to the space- decaying plaster, ash from the fireplace and coal dust from the cellar by the kitchen. Formed from this remnant matter, these pieces are delicate and ephemeral, able to be blown away in an instant. Like the lives lived there, little remains but these little traces in dust, while the space itself endures, holding a faint echo of the past.

ask the dust plaster vessels









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