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Work In Progress- Ask The Dust

August 28, 2013

Last weekend I got up to Derry to do conduct a few material experiments in the space of the Dean’s Basement for the upcoming mak9 exhibition Draw On the Walls. For this exhibition I wanted to work with the materials on site, making ephemeral objects evoking the domestic life of the space through various forms of utensils and vessels. I made some rough formers collected form bits and bobs in my studio, basically thinking along the lines of making sandcastles and using different dusts specific to each room. I collected ash from the fireplace and decaying plaster dust in the “living room”, in the back room I collected more decayed plaster dust- each room had a slightly different quality due to the paints and residues involved which was interesting. The old coal cellar opened into the kitchen/boiler room so used that in there, the dark,glittering dust contrasting with the white windowsills. I decided to site the work along the windowsills as these where the first places I was drawn to when I first viewed the building, attracted by the quality of the light. I also like the idea of incidental objects absentmindedly set there, out of the way and then forgotten.

Below are a few images of the experiments, I am planning to develop these further by making more sophisticated formers and shapes as well as seeing how long these fragile shapes will endure. I see them as temporary drawings in materials, non permanent and repeatable. It will be interesting to see if I can use the materials as is or if I have to add anything to allow for more substance, although I am guessing the damp nature of the basement may allow them to remain for longer.

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