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Upcoming project-Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy

July 13, 2013

Recently I have been contacted by Steinbeisser to take part in their Experimental Gastronomy programme in Amsterdam. They invite artists to interfere with or alter the dining experience for a a vegan dining experience held over three nights. I have been invited to produce utensils for an event next February- it will be  a bit different producing functional and reusable pieces- quite looking forward to the challenge! I have quite a few ideas of ways of bringing in different materials and forms into the experience – I think I will have to trial them out on some friends as well!

Further details of their upcoming activities can be found here -the next edition will feature work by Intuïtiefabriek – a design/maker collective I am a bit of a fan of- worth a look as well- Intuïtiefabriek.

I have two more exhibitions coming up in the next few months- Draw On the Walls with Mak9 in Derry and Setting the Scene at the Craft Study Centre in Farnham. More in future posts..


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