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ICON at Brown Thomas in Dublin

May 4, 2013

Just sent off a series of work to be shown at ICON, a Crafts Council of Ireland show, curated by Angela O’Kelly with Brown Thomas in Dublin. The exhibition in the stores features work from makers in the Irish Craft Portfolio  and is great opportunity to see work in an alternative setting, ICON launches on the 15th of May. Next week I will be sending work over to the Kath Libbert Gallery in England for the Mighty MetalSmith exhibition – more on that next week. Currently refreshing some pieces and adding to a few series for that exhibition as well as developing a new series of work which will divide into two separate collections for two shows later in the year.These are Culture Craft, curated by Seliena Coyle  in Derry and Setting the Scene, curated by Sara Roberts in the Crafts Study Centre in Farnham. I’m drawing more on the elements and objects I have collected over the last few months and will be looking to push the objects to a rawer, more sculptural feel. More here later but for now here are some of the works sent down to ICON..


ICON utensils series 1 ICON utensils series 2

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