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Drawing tools, a first attempt.

August 27, 2012

As I said last week- I have started making drawing/mark making tools. Quite quick things – mainly tied as I try and avoid using glue or tape to join things.

The lack of control has been interesting and I can imagine how I use these objects will evolve as I get used to using them as applying them to my usual drawing approach doesn’t necessarily bring out the character of the elements selected.

I used a screw, drilled into an old paintbrush and tied together with linen thread as the wood split, a hair pin tied on to an old paint brush and some gathered dried seed heads tied to to a dowel which slowly broke down as it was used.





I quite like the aesthetics of these pieces- it is a bit of a departure as my objects usually have function as an implied thing, whereas these have to function , and the elements are chosen to pursue this goal of functionality. Additionally they can be changed by the process- breaking down, marked or coated with a build up of pigment. Interested to see where these take me.

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