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Monday- new drawings, fresh ideas..

August 20, 2012

Not much making in the last week unfortunately due to illness but I have  a few new drawings. With the drawings I am experimenting with form and composition- making 2 dimensional marks with a variety of materials conscious of how they might be made in 3 dimensions- what materials might reflect the marks or the colour tones. With that- how might these materials be worked, assembled or formed which will be influenced by the nature of the selected materials. Recently I have been pushing towards larger drawings- the latest trio are 3 different sizes and I have some heavy weight, full size water colour paper for future drawings. Additionally I have also been considering alternative ways of making marks, with this in mind I am going to make my own drawing tools -forming a circle of making drawings of objects, making objects of the drawings and making objects to make the drawings then back to the drawings….[Head spinning yet?]. Pretty excited by the possibilities of this – would make a good solo show I think.

Watch this space. 😉


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