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May 19, 2012

I’ve created a pair of new works for a group show- Things That Fall In Between at opens today in R-Space gallery Lisburn. The Gallery is set in the ground floor of an old Georgian Rectory, with the rest of the building still waiting refurbishment and it is in the rest of the building that works are sited. The idea was have makers respond to the space, installing the works in situ with the gallery space used to hold an archive of the processes -drawings, sketch books, documentary video etc. An each artist was challenged to push their practice further- something which the space itself demanded. For this I decided to focus on domestic objects- siting the works in an old broom cupboard and upscaling the work. In the end I produced two brooms, almost a male/female set with the largest being about 8 feet long using found natural materials, linen and silk threads and some small found objects. No silver this time- it was interesting working on a larger scale- very challenging and I’m not yet sure how successful the pieces are but it certainly has me interested in doing some more larger pieces as well as plans for other, smaller interesting objects.

I’ll post further pictures and information next week after the show has opened.



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