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Ironically Iconic- Jouw Store at Milan Design Week

April 5, 2017

Delighted to have my work featured as part of Ironically Iconic at Milan Design Week through Jouw Store.


The Riverbero Project with Mak9

March 8, 2017

Opening Thursday the 9th of March and running until Sunday the 12th of March, 12-4pm at St.Martins Church, 88 Newtonards Road, Belfast. The official opening is on Saturday the 11th at 1pm, hope you can make it.


 Art Arcadia residency pt2- materiality. 

October 24, 2016

5 days In and some themes are coming through in my photography and my collecting. Finding interest in the local walnut trees, with their dark, inky husks and leathery fallen leaves. 

The local paths have given up a collection of shotgun shells in differing colours and states and the exotic quills of porcupines. 

This is in addition to my usual accumulation of metal, wire and twigs. 

Drawing with walnut husk and water. 

Shotgun cartridge, quill tip and oak hall- collection of finds from a walk. 

So the points of material interest are set, looking forward to developing new work from this. 

Art Arcadia residency in Italy. 

October 19, 2016

I arrived yesterday in Italy for an 8 day residency in Pietrafitta, Italy hosted by Art Arcadia with my creative collective Mak9. The residency is aimed towards our next project, Riverbero, which will be an exhibition/installation in St.Martins in Belfast, a deconsecrated church now used for community projects as well as series of talks and workshops supported by the University of Ulster as part of the Festival of Art and Design. 

So far I’ve been just settling in and getting over the travelling. Paola took me on a walk to get a feel for the area, Pietrafitta is her home village, very rural in the mountains south of Rome. Here are a few initial observations. 

Melmore head, Donegal. 30/07/16

August 1, 2016

Back in Donegal for the weekend by myself, as I’ve mentioned before Melmore head is whereby family holidayed when I was a kid and is a place that shaped my imagination and connection with the landscape. It is so wild, full of vivid colour, rich textures and a real sense of being alive. I took a ton of photos trying to take it all in again, here are a few observations and a collection of small found things. A short, but refreshing trip,  I hope to be back again soon. 

Overcast observations, July, Belfast Lough 

July 16, 2016

After not a great week feeling under the weather a short walk along the shore was definitely the right thing to do. Despite the overcast sky it was warm, even with the sea breeze and lounging on the smooth stones I was surrounded by textures, tones and shapes. 

A Shoreline walk by Belfast Lough, last day of June. 

July 1, 2016

Yesterday’s finds an observations on a grey, calm day cloaked in drizzle.